A A few of the 22 switch-backs in L'Alpe d'Huez

 L'Alpe d'Huez

Muggaccinos 3rd Tour de conquerir les Rhone Alpes to climb Grandes Alpes to les Sommets et les Cols in les Rhone Alps
Cycling from
Wed, 4 Sept '19 to Fri, 20 Sept '19 (inclusive)  
during 19 Days In France Itinerary
with 16 Days Climbs Schedule
split between Three Base Camps 

'Ride Attendees' can logically visit Paris or wherever, before or après

Committed Climb Participants have booked flight tickets.

Le Col de la Croix de Fer

Le Galibier

1.     Precedent

Muggaccinos has completed three tours to The Alps:

1.    French Alps 2012

2.    French Alps 2013

3.    Italian Alps 2014

Snapshot of cycling Itinerary

1st Base Camp at Bourg d’Oisans - by 5pm Tues, 3rd Sept  -  7 nights  -  7 ride days (7th ride day is over Croix de Fer to 2nd Base Camp)

2nd Base Camp at St. Jean de Maurienne - arrive Tues, 10th Sept - 7 nights - 6 ride days

3rd Base Camp at Chambery - arrive Tues, 17th Sept - 3 nights - 3 ride days

2.    Invitation and Flight schedule - Sydney to Lyon Int'l Airport

Muggs are re-visiting the French Alps in Sept 2019, 'cause past experience evidences that Autumn is more temperate in the French Alps than in the Italian Alps that are closer to the Arctic and at a higher elevation.  We froze in the Dolomites in August 2014. The French Alps are still balmy in September.

*   Phil aka BankTeller's  flight ticket with Emirates - visiting Sergey aka Sputnik in St Petersburg Russia in late August, then arriving Lyon on 1st Sept and flying home from Lyon on 22 Sept.

*   Jean aka ChiliDog and his wife, Denise, have booked flights on Emirates thru Expedia, spending 23 days in France - arriving Lyon on Tues, 3rd Sept



Below is TVG train timetable from Lyon to Grenoble midweek @ AUD34 single ticket - a train every 30 mins approx. throughout the day


Below is Bus Timetable from Grenoble to Bourg d'Oisans - 52km - midweek @ AUD13 single ticket - a bus every 120 mins throughout the day

3.      Summary of Arrival Schedule to 1st Base Camp by 5pm on Tues, 3 Sept 2019

Monday, 2-Sept-19 - Fly from Sydney to Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport on Emirates/QANTAS, Etihad, Singapore Airlines/Lufthansa or British Airways

Tuesday, 3-Sept-19  From 10:30am Half hourly departure TVG train from Lyon to Grenoble (1 hr: 30 min travel - AUD$34)

Tuesday, 3-Sept-19  12:05pm, 2:35pm or 4:30pm  Bus 52km from Grenoble to Bourg d'Oisans (55 mins trip = AUD$11 - depart roughly every 120 mins)

4.       Transport schedule from 1st Base Camp at Bourg d'Oisans to 2nd Base Camp at St Jean de Maurienne on Thurs, 12 Sept 2019

If all Attendees want to ride from Bourg to St Jean de Maurienne (over Croix de Fur), then we can arrange for a taxi to take our luggage:

If the weather is a bummer, we can catch a Bus and train, from Bourg via Chambéry to St-Jean-de-Maurienne - 4h 17min - includes 1hr transfer - $33 to $53


5.       Seven days climbing from 2nd Base Camp at St Jean de Maurienne from Thurs, 12 Sept 2019

Click on 16 Days Climbs Schedule used in 2013.

6.       Transport schedule by train from Second Base Camp at St Jean de Maurienne to Grenoble on Thurs, 19 Sept - departing 12.19pm and arriving Grenoble 1.37pm - EUR57


7.       Transport schedule by train from Grenoble station to Lyon on 19 Sept - departing 12.19pm and arriving Grenoble 1.37pm - EUR57
Trains depart Grenoble bound for Lyon approx half hourly, incl 1.24pm, 2.27pm, 2.50pm, 3.24pm, 3.50pm, 4.27pm - trip time is approx. 1hr 25 min

8.       Return flights from Lyon to Sydney, via London and Singapore depart from 6pm to approx 8pm - see 2. above


Aix-en Provence, often shortened to Provence is a region just above Marseille and Toulon, and about 150km below the Rhone-Alpes

Golly, we climbed a long way up!!!