One seriously nasty Magpie that doesn’t like this cyclist

Pacific Pete Pete's 2010 France and Anglo tour

In an era of hustle ‘n bustle it's refreshing to meet a true “Hail fellow well met” - the genuine article - a Real McCoy. 

Contemplative and reflective, Pete proved his metal when he became the second Muggaccino to come-a-cropper just after Christmas in '98 when he over-cooked Amen Corner in the initial decent into Bobbin Head. 

Pete, had a plate and two pins inserted in a busted hip the night of his bingle and re-joined the gang nine weeks later displaying a bit of a limp, but importantly his legendary hill climbing prowess was still there.

The limp has gone, but phlegmatic and laconic Pete hasn't, being one of Muggs' stalwarts, albeit a tad slow to arrive on those really chilly mornings in mid-Winter.

Unlike Tony aka Publican, who wees himself if attacked by a Magpie (with the brain the size of a thimble), Pete rather likes those pestering birds bothering him around August

Passing pristine Scarborough, Jan 2008

Nov '09 at the Hawkesbury

Cycling the relatively flat, but rough 19km final leg from Yarramalong Manor to Wyong train station - July 2011

PacificPete's balmy backyard at Tewantin - Aug 2022