'Yorky'  for Yorkshire

Early inhabitants of Yorkshire were the Celts, which resented the Roman conquest of Britain that began in 43 AD - hence lots of waring over lots of years.  Two noteworthy cricketers from where it is often cold and damp, but always verdant and bucolic, were Freddie Truman, the demon fast bowler and Geoffrey Boycott who could send you to sleep with his dogged defence.  The former once described a gentleman as someone who would get out of the bath to take a piss.  The latter said in 1994 on how to play Shane Warne - "My tactic would be to take a quick single and observe him from the other end."  Those Yorkshire cricketers are smart people.

Tony is yet to let us know what drove him to leave such delightful bliss in The Old Dart and come to a land run by reformed convicts, whose religion is sport, sport and more sport.  Or if he was a Ten Pound Pom?  Not carrying an ounce of fat, the bastard can scamper up nasty hills.

Tony (right hand side above) with the ever-present 'bookend', Kevin aka TexDubbo at The Bridge Cafe, Windsor  - Feb. 2012

Tony and John aka Auckland at the Yarramundi Lookout Sag Stop