The Otford Pantry, overlooking Pacific Ocean 4294.1243

Another balmy day at Otford Pie Shop

Whippet, Navigator, ToothFairy 'n Bank Teller 'circa' 2004

A few of the crew circa 2004 stretched out on the grass outside

Stretched out on the grassy knoll at Otford Apple Pie Shop after 51km - circa April '07

Quaint Otford train station, with a 2 hourly service on Sundays back to Sutherland, is 500m NNW of the pie shop

Lawyer stretching at Otford Pie Shop after 73km, incl the dreaded climb from Stanwell Park

Matthew 'n Greg stretching at Otford Pie Shop

September '07

Feb 2008 on an o'cast day after returning from Austinmer.

Winter 2008