Annual Dregs 'n Drips erstwhile Muggs catch-up

Rex aka MediaMan picked a cheap 'n cheerful Thai Restaurant in Campbell St, Surry Hills on 7 Oct 2018 for the inaugural annual reunion of the Dregs 'n Drips.  Seemingly, Kerry aka Miner sourced it many moons ago.
Kerry and Maureen were absent restocking Reds at Mclaren Vale.  BankTeller, Guy aka Lawyer and ChiliDog made up the quartet, who all managed to behave themselves.
(Apologies for the lack of definition, but the flash wasn't operating.)

Our 2nd Dregs 'n Drips 'catch-up' was on 28 Feb 2020 at Viet Restaurant on Spice Alley, but can't locate any pics of it. 

Our 3rd annual 'catch-up' was last night, 3 Mar '21.  As customary, we imbibed a Pair of Frosties at the Old Clare Hotel, Cnr Parramatta Road & Kensington St., Chippendale, upon which we again adjourned to the nearby Viet Restaurant on Spice Alley Chippendale as evident in the below four pics.

Four Old Farts meet back up at the Old Clare Hotel from midday and re-gathered at our familiar Vietnamese Restaurant in nearby Spice Alley for a Yum Yum lunch that didn't break the piggy bank.
At Jean's behest our next re-group in late Oct will be from 6pm to mitigate skin cancer.  Hopefully the fifth member of our quintet, Guy aka Lawyer, will be able to join us. 
Any other down 'n outs are welcome to join this fivesome of fools, flounderers and failures for a chin wag where din dins won't break the penny jar.