LHS - pic of Lawyer cranking it up after a Nosh Stop at Pie in the Sky.

Guy is a recent recruit having commenced riding with Muggs about the same time as Grant's mate, Rex aka Pimpernel.  Guy has a pedigree in ocean swimming, having completed a zillion challenging ocean swims over many years, incl lots of Palm Beach to Whale Beach 2.2km, famous Cole Classic and 2km Shark Island.  The Noahs Arks don't bother him as much as some of the 500cc and 1,000cc bikes that occasionally pass powerful close.

A persistent RSI shoulder injury was the catalyst to Guy buying a bike.  He turned up for a ride from Sutherland Leisure Centre to Austinmer barely two months ago and was apprehensive whether he could handle the pace.  No doubt to his surprise, Guy is re-writing the record books about climbing Seriously Steep Slopes in gearing designed for the flats. 

Guy's biggest cog on the back is a paltry 23, with only a double chain ring on the front.  But Lawyer has successfully scaled some of the steepest KOM Climbs on Muggs' rides programme, incl Paroo Rd Holegate and Stanwell Park to Stanwell Tops.   Both of those climbs are <2km, but Golly Gosh they are both Seriously Steep.

TugBoat 'n Lawyer on a train heading for Seven Hills to embark upon the final leg back to Turra' station after a ride out Windsor way.

A few of the team at PitS - circa Aug '06.  Reason Guy looks more alert than some of the others, is 'cause some of 'em had peeled-off 101km, whereas Lawyer had ridden only 60km.  Check out the haughty, portentous look on Pacific PeteThe truth of the matter is that after a long ride, loyal servant, Pete, was feeling a tad shagged.

Austinmer Nosh Stop - Sept '07

Stretching at Otford - Sept '07

Steve Waugh carried an old red moth eaten handkerchief as a good luck charm when he went out to bat.  We'll assume that Guy carries a light blue version.

En route from PitS - Oct '07

Guy 'n ArchitectToo en board to Wagstaffe - circa Roctober '07

DishPig, BeanCounter 'n Guy aka Lawyer at Terrey Hills Fruit Barn Sag Stop - Dec 2007.

Sutherland Leisure Centre Carpark - New Years Day 2008