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Assaults against other inmates

Below is an extract from Report on Government Services 2017 - Volume C: Justice re Assaults in custody against other inmates and against prison staff:

Months added to Marcus Rappel's sentence after prison bashing


The man who murdered Tara Costigan in 2015 has at least three months added to his sentence after pleading guilty to bashing other prisoners in Canberra's jail.

Deaths in custody: ĎIím homicidal, Iíve told them that for daysí - Crikey - Jun 01, 2011

"Careless or inappropriate jail or cell placement has contributed to at least 20 deaths in NSW prison custody in the past decade, according to a Crikey analysis of coronial reports. In three of those cases, inmates were killed by a cell mate whom prison authorities had previously identified as dangerous, violent or even homicidal."