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An Infliction Of Corporal Punishment Prior To Execution by Hanging for some Sadistic, Brutal, Premeditated, Unprovoked Murderers

Administrative Cost of Australian Maximum Security Prisons

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40% approx of lower level crime goes undetected/unreported. Over 50% of 'sexual assault' is undetected/unreported

Articles and Reports - Bibliography

Articles re Goulburn's Supermax Prison

Australia should follow the lead of other countries that have re-introduced a crime Deterrent-effective, cost-effective Punishment

Australian Prison System

Australians that know a thing or two about Australia's prisons effectiveness regard a Sentence of jail incarceration as entering the Revolving Door

Australian Rattan

Australia's Criminal Justice System

Australia’s most severe penalty that only a handful of prisoners receive

Australia’s Most Heinous Criminals Condemned To A Life Sentence Marked Never To Be Released

Baker's Dozen Unsustainable Problems Within Australian Prison System

Baker's Dozen Unsustainable Problems is testimony that the more recent Warehouse Sentencing in some western countries, driven by Penal Populism, has failed Dozenly

Base Case Financial Model

BBC - Ethics Guide

Being On Remand

Beyond any doubt of guilt

Beyond reasonable doubt of guilt

Brief history of use of prisons

Capital Expenditure Cost Of Building New or Modify/Extending Existing Prisons

Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment Deters Homicides

Capital punishment in our region

Capital Punishment in two Commonwealth of Nations countries in South-East Asia

Capital Punishment is more humane and civilised than Life Without Parole

Capital punishment for drug lords.  Swift, Frightening and Painful Corporal Punishment for drug mules, because incarceration as a Deterrent is costly on the public purse and does not Deter drug dealing

Cat 'O Nine Tails

Channel 9 - A Current Affair

Community Corrections - NSW

Community Protection

'Conclusion' of SOCIETY’S RESPONSE TO THE VIOLENT OFFENDER - Australian Institute of Criminology

Corrective Services across Australia

Corporal Punishment

Corporal punishment of adults: Can corporal punishment be warranted and due to a criminal?

Corporal Punishment  - History in Britain

Corporal Punishment previously sentenced in Australia

Corporal Punishment in Malaysia and Singapore

Corporal Punishment Is Administered

corpun  -  5,000 pages of factual documentation and resources on corporal punishment around the world, updated from time to time


Counting Dead Women Australia

Crime rates: Singapore  v  Australia

Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) — sentencing Commonwealth offenders

Crimes That Warrant Death Penalty

Criminal Justice System

Data on Prisons - Australian Institute of Criminology

Deaths in custody in Australia 2013–14 and 2014–15




Domestic Corporal Punishment

Domestic Violence - Australia

Drug Taking - Needle Sharing - Hepatitis - Mental Health

Early Capital Punishment practices globally

Economic Necessity Dictates Thinking Outside the Cell

Education and Vocational Training

Electronic Monitoring Device

Empirical Evidence Quantifies Charged Persons On Remand Plead Guilty To Avoid Being Sentenced To Death

Executions Annually

Femicide and Filicide

Family & Domestic Violence - Mission Australia

Father of Restorative Justice

First World Countries sole reliance on Prison Incarceration to Punish and Deter in the pursuit of Law and Order has been the greatest Societal Blunder of the 20th Century

Five Categories of Filicide

Flogging or Floggings

Forefather Governors

Four Gears of Early Rehabilitation and Release

Forensic Evidence

Forensic Mental Health Inmate

History of Capital and Corporal Punishment globally

Homicide Rates

Hope for Prisoners

Hope operates throughout WA - sometimes locations change due to shifting patterns of need and changes in government programs and funding

Human Life Expectancy in Australia in 1960 when the abolitionists of Capital Punishment were vocal, was 71 years.  In 2016 it was 83 years.  The strain upon the Public Purse for each Life Sentence is 'more strained'.

Improve Outcomes Due To Economic Necessity

Incarceration Practices based on the Restorative Justice Model Successfully Adopted in Scandinavia since the late 20th century

Jail Incarceration is a failed costly Deterrent to committing crimes

Jail Is The University Of Crime

Jail Sentences

Judicial caning in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei

Judicial Corporal Punishment and Capital Punishment previously sentenced in Australia

Judicial Corporal Punishment Previously Sentenced In Australia

Judicial Corporal Punishment - China - corpun

Judicial Corporal Punishment of minors chronicled in four Australian newspaper articles all published in May 1956

Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network

Justice for the Innocent Victim or Victims

'KISSING THE GUNNER'S DAUGHTER' - United Kingdom - Naval Discipline for Boys  -  1780-1860


Lifers deemed never to be released, many that are dying a thousand deaths; experiencing a manic depressive QOL

Life Sentence

Life Without Parole

List of prisons in Australia

Manic Depression Amongst Inmates As Identified In Documented Reports/Journals/Articles

Many aspects of the prison environment are impediments to rehabilitation

Many Prisons Are At Breaking Point With Associated Problems

Material cost savings from re-implementing the 'Two Pronged' change to Punishment and Rehabilitation to be partially diverted to the below two dedicated 'caseworker' administered programmes

Material Public Purse Prison Costs

Maximum Security Prisons  or  Maximum Security Incarceration

Most Monstrous Heinous Convicted Criminals, Terrorists, Serial Rapists, Paedophiles and Child Killers sentenced Never to be Released that have been found guilty Beyond any doubt of guilt should be formerly asked each six months if they want to receive a lethal injection

'Negative Prisoner Mindset' Due To Facing A Long Prison Sentence Whilst Associating With Other Criminals.  'Ipso facto' Some Acquire Further Criminal Techniques Which They Apply After Release, Thence Reoffending

35 Never to be Released Inmates in Australian Prisons

Never To Be Released Prisoner Quality of Life

Noble Ambitions for Desisting Corporal Punishment in South Australia

Non-Murderous Crimes

Non-Murderous Criminals

NSW Crimes Act No. 40  1900

Number of Homicides annually

Number of Convicted Murderers and People Murdered Annually

Number Of Punishment Strokes Proposed In The Pilot Stage Of The Re-introduction Of Corporal Punishment in Australia

Number of Prisons in Australia

Number of Prisoners in Australia

Offence Types & Prison Sentences - NSW - 2016

One or perhaps Two Executions annually under the Thinking Outside the Cell model

On-Line Poll

On Remand

Other reasons to re-introduce Capital Punishment in Australia

Overcrowding exacerbates prisoner violence and assaulting prison staff evidencing prison lockdowns

'Parent Punishing a Child in the Home' Philosophy

Peer Reviewer's Responses to Punishments Sentenced form

Penal Populism  or  Tough on Crime

Penalty Scale


Possibility of a Death Sentence increases likelihood of a 'plea bargain', rather than 'run the gauntlet' in a trial hearing where execution might be Sentenced

Practitioners suggested solutions

Practitioners views on the Problems with Australian prisons

Prisons On Remand

Prison Data - Australia

Prison Staff Numbers Have Declined

4517.0 - Prisoners in Australia, 2017

Providers to the System do not want to Upset the Applecart or Rock the Boat

Public Purse


Punishment in Australia's Colonial Days

Purposes of Sentencing

Quick facts - violence against women


Reasons and Issues that prompted a retired banker to research and write the Discussion Paper

Reasons to re-introduce Capital Punishment in Australia

Recent TV News Crime Clips on YouTube

Recidivism/re-offending rates

Recognised Australian Punishment Historians and Practitioners

Recommended changes to Sentencing

Recommended offer to inmates identified or sentenced Never To Be Released for assisted dying by lethal injection

Recorded Crime - Victims, Australia - ABS

Recount the noteworthy success at 'prisoner rehabilitation' on Norfolk Island by Captain Maconochie from 1840, whose remedies were largely adopted over 100 years later

RED HEART Campaign

Reintegration Puzzle


Rehabilitation Options for Violent Criminals

Rehabilitation Programmes

Removal Of Capital Punishment and Corporal Punishment has Cost Lives, Burnt the Public Purse and Saturated Prisons

Restorative Justice

Retaliatory Filicide


RTV evidence of Crooks Being Caught is a cogent cost-effective method to Deter crime, particularly at the smaller end of the Naughtiness Spectrum

RTV evidence of the welter of armed hold-ups annually and the Sentence of a slap on the wrist, if apprehended, highlights the need for a more frightening and cost-effective Deterrent

Sadistic, Brutal, Heinous Often Unprovoked Crimes

Scarring caused by the Rattan in Singapore and Malaysia and by the Cat 'o Nine Tails

Seasoned Practitioners at The Coal Face

Self-harmPrisoner suicides

Sentenced or Sentencing

Sentence of punishment of penal servitude for the term of an offender’s natural life as the maximum sentence for the crime of murder under the s.19A Crimes Act, 1900

Sentences imposed by predecessor Australian governments up until the early 19th century

Seven Purposes of Sentencing

Size and Scope of Correctional Services Prison Custody

Social Costs Of Imprisonment

Solutions To Reduce Prison Populations

Some UK journalists have espoused the merits of re-introducing hanging of vicious murderers which would discourage others from murdering

Specialist Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Spouse Revenge Filicide

State and Territory Corrective Services

Suitable Male Criminals

Successful in Scandinavia

Supportive ASX 200 Companies

Swift, Frightening and a Painful Dose of Corporal Punishment

Tailored To Rehabilitation

Teen filling up at Warwick Farm service station carjacked at knifepoint - Channel 9 News - 24 Nov 20

Texas Justice Reinvestment

The Australian Govt. should legislate that each inmate convicted of a Sadistic, Brutal, Heinous, Unprovoked Murder/s that is identified as Never To Be Released should be required to complete a statutory declaration every two years that s/he declines an offer to be euthanized by lethal injection

The possibility of a Death Sentence has increased the likelihood of a 'plea bargain', rather than 'run the gauntlet' in a trial hearing where execution might be Sentenced

The Baker's Dozen Problems Within Australian Prison System

The Baker's Dozen Unsustainable Problems Within Australian Prison System are due to inept performance by our duly elected policy/law makers

The Father of Restorative Justice

The Unintended Consequences of Imprisonment

The Penal Populism 'Recent Warehouse Sentencing' Has Failed Taxpayers

The University Of Crime

Too much attention when sentencing to punishment by incarceration, scant regard for Justice For The Victims and insufficient attention to deterring others with similar mindsets to similarly offend

Toowoomba Crime Solutions And Suggestions Group - The Chronicle

TV News YouTubes and Articles of Criminal Activity caught on CCTV

To Keep Despondent Inmates Permanently In A Manic Depressant State

Tough on Crime  or  Penal Populism

Twenty one reasons to revert to Corporal Punishment for adults

'Two Pronged' change to Punishment and Rehabilitation of criminal offenders

University Of Crime

USA articles on the higher cost to execute convicted murderers than commit to Life in Prison highlight the higher cost to the Public Purse of pursuing executions

Western society has jumped ahead along Homo sapiens 'punishment/development curve' due to the recent scourge of illicit drug use! 

What is the rationale for keeping alive convicted murderers at a cost to the taxpayer of $150,000 per inmate p.a. that prison appointed psychologists and psychiatrists deem never to be released because of their vicious capacity and unstable mental states that are a risk to society?

What is restorative justice?

What,  When,  Where  Why,  How & How Much

Worst Prisons in Australia

Wrongful convictions are rare and offset by lives saved