Grant is an accountant and has three young sprogs and he manages a leave-pass to climb into the saddle to join Muggs' rides on a Sunday morn' from time to time.

Pic on RHS
- BeanCounter and two work colleagues at a recent office Christmas party.  Grant, it is high time you thought of the lads.  Display one of Muggs' "WOMEN WANTED" posters on the office Notice Board pronto
And make sure,
Lucienne who seemingly has a soft spot for 'yawning ghosts', sees it.  Tell her any manner of lies, big ones, littlens, porkies or whoppers, about the eminent panache and chivalry displayed by the macho young bucks which ride with Muggs.  Just so long as your colleague, Lucienne, hauls her butt into a pair of lycra knicks and attends a Muggs' ride soon. 
If that Mediterranean brunette shows-up, half of Sydney's race club brigade will be queuing-up to participate in Muggs' rides.  We'd have to instigate prohibitive quotas on new guys attending.


As the below pic evidences, Grant ain't carrying an ounce of fat which deems him one of Muggs better hill climbers, coupled with the fact that he's got youth on his side.

Snapped in the Sutherland Leisure Centre carpark on a steamy New Year's Day morn' after 100km anti-clockw... ride exploring Royal National Park, whereupon Grant swapped his clammy "TVM" lycra (see below pic taken at Bundeena Nosh Stop a few hours earlier) for a cotton-top. 


Apologies for the dude in the below pic on the LHS, aka Grommet, seemingly attempting to force a monster Bundeena burger down his gob in one fell swoop. 
At least that is what the below pic, or Grant's facial expression therein, might suggest BeanCounter was cogitating:


        "Can Greg really down that monster? 
         That 'buzzard' could feed a family for a week!!!"


Fortunately Greg's initial assault made only a dent on the side of it.  But Grommet finished it off before re-mounting to climb out of Bundeena. 

DishPig, BeanCounter 'n Guy aka Lawyer at Terrey Hills Fruit Barn Sag Stop - Dec 2007.