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Articles re Goulburn's Supermax Prison, specifically that -

*       nearly all incarcerated Muslim extremists inmates are incubated at Goulburn's Supermax amidst a hotbed of radical preaching; and

*       if/when they are disgorged, they are likely to perpetrate mass terrorism in retaliation for their enslavement

To the SuperMax - THE WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN - April 2017

Life in a 'Godless place': A glimpse inside Australia's highest-security prison, where the nation's most depraved criminals are housed and violence can erupt at any time  - Daily Mail - 28 July 2015

Feared jailed gangster and killer, Bassam Hamzy - 39, is 'bashed by a convicted terrorist' during a brawl inside notorious Supermax prison - Daily Mail - 26 April 2019

'He almost had me convinced': How notorious backpacker killer Ivan Milat uses his 'charisma and high IQ' to make fellow inmates believe he is not an evil murderer - Daily Mail - 27 March 2019

What life is REALLY like for the depraved inmates of Australia's harshest prison –  Daily Mail Candace Sutton - 5 August 2015

Jail Is The University Of Crime - item 6

Inside Australia’s ‘Super mosque’ prison where guards fear radical Muslims are plotting terrorist acts - Candace Sutton  April 1, 2017

Goulburn SuperMax prison inmates who are allowed to hang out with - Sunday Telegraph

Bassam Hamzy

Inmate - Phuong Ngo

Inmate - Malcolm George Baker