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Articles and Reports - Bibliography

Parliamentary Reports and Newspaper Articles on the deficiencies of incarceration as a -

*        Punishment; and

*        Deterrent to further criminal behaviour

Other Newspaper Articles that identify materially cheaper and more cost-effective Deterrents and Rehabilitation approaches

The Conversation published 14 articles in 17 days in 2015 on the 'State of Imprisonment' in Australian states and territories

1.    Commonwealth Parliamentary Report "Value of a justice reinvestment approach to criminal justice in Australia - 20 June 2013:

Chapter 1 - Referral of the inquiry  

Chapter 2 - The drivers behind the growth in the Australian imprisonment rate"  

Chapter 3 - The economic and social costs of imprisonment

Chapter 4 - The over-representation of disadvantaged groups within Australian prisons

Chapter 5 -  The methodology and objectives of justice reinvestment

Australia's Criminal Justice Costs: An International Comparison - April 2017 prepared by Andrew Bushnell, Institute of Public Affairs 

Chalk and Cheese  - Australian vs. Norwegian Prisons  -  Published by Community Justice Coalition  -  2017

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Prison populations and directional outlays: The effect of reducing re-imprisonment - Don Weatherburn, Gary Froyland - Dec 2009

Issues in Crime, Mortality and Justice - Australian Institute of Criminology - 1992 - Paul Wilson

Society's Response to the Violent Offender - Australian Institute of Criminology - 1989

Society's Response to the Violent Offender - Australian Institute of Criminology - 1989 - REHABILITATION

Contesting corporal punishment: Abolitionism, transportation and the British imperial project - University of Sydney - Oct 2008

Corporal Punishment in South Australia - 1961 and Appendix A

Change the Record Coalition

Australian Institute of Criminology

Prisoners  -  Australian Institute of Health and Welfare - Release Date: 27 Nov 1015

DOING TIME - DRUG USE IN AUSTRALIAN PRISONS - Bulletin volume 4  edition 1

Drug Use in the Inmate Population prevalence, nature and context - Corrective Services NSW - Research Publication No. 52 - June 2013

Settlers and Convicts; Or, Recollections of Sixteen Years' Labour in the Australian Backwoods Author: Harris, Alexander, 1805-1874

A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson by Watkin Tench Project Gutenberg Australia

By the Pleasing Countenance of My Superiors - The life of Dugong Magistrate Thomas Cook, J.P. - August 5th, 1854 - by Michael Williams

Predictors of recidivism in Australian juvenile sex offenders: Implications for treatment - Dianna T. Kenny, Timothy Keogh and Katie Seidler - Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment - 2001

5 Surprising Facts About the Death Penalty Worldwide - National Geographic -News -

A Process Evaluation of the Intensive Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program (IDATP) - Corrective Services, NSW - Research Publication No. 54 March 2015 solution

Queensland Drug and Specialist Courts Review – Report Summary and Recommendations - Nov 2016



2009 NSW Inmate Health Survey: Key Findings Report 

2009 NSW Inmate Health Survey: Key Findings Report  - Executive Summary

EXECUTIONS 2017  -  Summary data from Amnesty International

Data on Australian prisons - Imprisonment rates and proportion of female prisoners - Aust Institute of Criminology

Australian Institute of Criminology - 2016-17 Annual Report

No.19 - Life Imprisonment in Australia - Australian Institute of Criminology - 1989

Statistical Publications - NSW Inmate Census 2016 - Summary of Characteristics

Prisoner characteristics, Australia - 30 June 2017 - ABS

The myth behind long prison sentences -  BBC Future  - Bryan Lufkin - 16th May 2018

Longer and harsher prison sentences can mean that prisoners’ personalities will be changed in ways that make their reintegration difficult - BBC Future - Christian Jarrett - 1 May 2018

Five myths about the death penalty - Washington Post - David Garland  - July 18, 2010

Covid-19 outbreaks at jails and prisons should make us rethink incarceration - Washington Post -  June 25, 2020

MENTAL ILLNESS AMONG NEW SOUTH WALES PRISONERS - Tony Butler  Stephen Allnutt  -  August 2003

Short Guide to Mental Health in Prisons

Is It Time to Rethink Life-without-Parole Sentencing?

WHO - Prisons and Health

Australian Correctional Services 2016-17  -  Chapter 8

ABS 4510.0 - Recorded Crime - Victims, Australia, 2015  

ABS 4510.0 - Recorded Crime - Victims, Australia, 2016  

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Attachment 57.3 - Review of Indigenous Education in the Northern Territory - "A share in the future".

A Guide to Sentencing in Australia  (htm file)   A Guide to Sentencing in Australia (Word doc)   

List of Australian criminals

Murder and Manslaughter - ABC News

Sentencing Advisory Council - Victoria - Maximum Penalties

GPS tracking to expanded to monitor parolees - February 16, 2017 - Qld Govt

Australian Institute of Criminology - Publications

Report on Government Services 2016 Volume C: Justice - Produced by the Productivity Commission for the Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service

Report on Government Services 2017 - Volume C: Justice Sector

Report on Government Services 2020 - PART C:  Justice Sector

Report on Government Services 2021 - PART C:  Justice Sector

The health of Australia's prisoners 2012 - Aust Institute of Health and Welfare

A robust estimate of the number and characteristics of persons released from prison in Australia  -  Alex AveryStuart A. Kinner25 Feb 2015

Homicide in Australia 2012–13 to 2013–14: National Homicide Monitoring Program report - Australian Institute of Criminology

Femicide: An Overview of Major Findings - No. 124 - 1999

Impact For Women reports that 70 women and 20 children had been killed in Aust. since 1 Jan 2018 (as at 13 Nov 2018) due to domestic violence.

Judge for yourself: A Guide to Sentencing in Australia - Published by the Judicial Conference of Australia

Solutions To Reduce Prison Populations - in different countries' jurisdictions

Standard non-parole periods - NSW Sentencing Council - December 2013

Our watch - Facts and figures

How much does it cost to keep people in Australian jails?

How much does prison really cost? Comparing the costs of imprisonment with community corrections - Australia Institute of Criminology - Anthony Morgan - 2018

Corrections Statistics - Victoria

Is Corporal Punishment an Effective Means of Discipline? - American Psychological Association -

The Conservative Case Against More Prisons - By VIKRANT P. REDDY AND MARC A. LEVIN  •  March 6, 2013

Liverpool: A Broken Prison in a Broken System - Joe Sim, Professor of Criminology, Liverpool John Moores University

Why I Support Capital Punishment - Feb 2017  | Charles Colson 

Top 10 Pro & Con Arguments  -  Capital Punishment

Prison Privatisation in Australia - Accountability, Costs, Performance and Efficiency  -  Sydney University  -  2016

Leveraging Death - Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology - Volume 103 | Issue 2 Article 3 - Spring 2013 - Sherod Thaxton

Self-inflicted deaths in Australian prisons - Australian Institute of Criminology - No. 513 August 2016

Bring back the death penalty in Australia -

Should the death penalty be reinstated? - 16th Nov, 2017 - starts@60

Are we less safe from crime these days? - 7th Nov, 2017 -  Starts at 60

Corrective Services NSW


Community Service Order - NSW

Intensive Correction Orders (ICOs) - NSW

Inmate healthcare is provided by the Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network in NSW

Corrective Services – Intensive Correction Orders – an alternative to a custodial sentence - Anderson Boemi Lawyers, Dural NSW

Queensland Corrective Services Community Service Rejuvenation “Give Back - Getting lives on track”  -  Legal Aid Queensland CPD 9 June 2009

Vocational education and training provision and recidivism in Queensland correctional institutions

Indigenous Advancement Strategy - Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Job scheme to help prisoners - The West Australian

Andrew Forrest’s jobs program goes directly to jail -  The Australian -  SEPT 7, 2018

Vocational, Training and Employment Centre Fresh Start program

Alternatives to imprisonment: Community views in Victoria. Melbourne: Sentencing Advisory Council - Gelb K - 2011

The quick guide to Australia’s political parties stances on death penalty - Complete list of political parties political stances on death penalty

'It's abhorrent': MP Steve Irons calls for death penalty for paedophiles  -  WA Today - 14 June 2018

MP, George Christensen, refuses to condemn death penalty  - ABC News  - 31 May 2011

Queensland Federal MP, George Christensen wants to see the death penalty introduced – The Courier Mail – 2013

Terrorists who kill Australians should be put to death, George Christensen says - The Guardian -  24 Nov 2015
By George - SBS -

George Christensen is launching a ‘patriotic’ news website modelled on the Drudge Report - NewDaily - Aug 11, 2021

Queensland MP, George Christensen, wants corporal punishment in Australia for drug crime - SBS News - July 2015

'Be prepared' for the death penalty says PNG government - ABC News  - 22 Nov 2013

26 Pro Death Penalty Quotes by Politicians from Australasia Countries

3329 Pro Death Penalty Quotes -  USA

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Deterrence and the Death Penalty (2012) - National Academy of Sciences, Washington USA

Arguments For The Death Penalty - 20th Nov 2019  

Crime - Australia - The Guardian

'Death penalty ... not enough': Murder victim's father says hate for killer 'all-consuming'

The Death Penalty in Australian Law Jo Lennan  and George Williams   -  Tobin Centre of Public Law, Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales.

Homicide in Victoria: Offenders, Victims and Sentencing  -  Sentencing Advisory Council November 2007

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The deterrent effect of capital punishment: A review of the research evidence  - Janet Chan and Deborah Oxley, School of Social Science and Policy, University of New South Wales - October 2004

Infosheet 13 - The Constitution  -  THE CONSTITUTION

Three Levels of Law-Making  (PDF)

The Role of Government in Australia - A Collaboration of National Community Organisations  -  The Australian Collaboration

51.   Legislative powers of the Parliament - Part V

Should We Bring Back the Death Penalty? - Sydney Criminal Lawyers - |

Australia’s Worst Serial Killers: Who is the Most Evil? -  BY UGUR NEDIM

Prisoner lives are still at risk of COVID-19 - Australia Interview with ex-prison inmate, Damien Linnane 10 May 2020   Paul Gregoire   Sydney Criminal Lawyers


Arguments in favour of capital punishment -  BBC Ethics

Prison Reform In Australia - ARTS party

Why Norway's prison system is so successful - Business Insider - 12 Dec 2014

Technological Incarceration Project

Counting Dead Women: the hard truth about Australia’s domestic violence victims - UTS - 2016

Domestic Violence NSW  - NSW Government

Socio-Political Determinants of the Death Penalty and Australia’s Foreign Policy - Dr. David Pascoe

Convicted killer gets third degree  -  -  Jun 02 2012


What is Abolitionist Feminism, and why does it matter?  The Progressive Policy Think Tank 

Prevention Nearby: The Influence of the Presence of a Potential Guardian on the Severity of Child Sexual Abuse - Sage Journals - 21 Oct 2013

Griffith Review 65: Crimes and Punishments

Key Crime Statistics 2016 -  ACPC  -  Compiled by Natalie Yeung, Law student, University of Sydney 

Crime Prevention Strategies to End Violence Against Women - By Tiffany Kappen - ACPC

Sri Lanka to begin hangings within months, ending 43-year stay on executions - The UK Guardian  - 7 Feb 2019

Philippines moves to restore death penalty for drug offenses  -  DW Freedom of Speech  -  7 Mar 2017

Italian drug users rehabilitation program in Italy sets tone for new ‘life-changing’ centres in Australia - Charles Miranda in Italy - News Corp Aust. Network - March 6, 2015

San Patrignano - A Free Drug Rehab Community - HuffPost - 25/09/2013

San Patrignano: A Model Restorative Community for People with Addiction Problems

Geraldton rehab Hope Springs Community Farm gives addicts fresh start - KARA VICKERY  PerthNow   - News Ltd WA News - Sept 27, 2015 

What it's like to overcome a drug addiction - SBS - March 2014

Restorative Justice and Responsive Regulation - ANU Law Professor, John Braithwaite

How much does it cost to execute a death row inmate? - Criminal Justice Degree Hub - 2019

Executions cost Texas millions Study finds it's cheaper to jail killers for life - Christy Hoppe | Austin Bureau of The Dallas Morning News - March 8, 1992

Financial Facts About the Death Penalty (in the USA) -  Death Penalty Information Center - 2019

Death Penalty Information Center | Washington, DC

Arguments against capital punishment

Arguments for and against capital punishment in the UK.

2019 Innocence Project

Message from the Queensland Government

How Japan's Murder Rate Got To Be So Incredibly Low - Business Insider Aust - Pamela Engel  -  Apr 12, 2014, 7:14 AM

When we put children in prison we condemn them to fail - Guardian -  @SophieTrevitt - Wed 26 Dec 2018

Q&A:  Men don’t need to hear other men speak out against violence in order to change

SMH Note From The Editor - Sent: Wed, Mar 6, 2019 5:01pm

The Death Penalty Deters Crime and Saves Lives - June 27, 2007 -  The Heritage Foundation


Prisons and detention centres are breeding grounds for criminality - The Australian - JULY 27, 2016

Changing your mind: The living donor - DECEMBER 9, 2015  -  DERRYN HINCH

2018 Death Penalty report: Saudi Arabia’s False Promise -

'Bring back DEATH PENALTY to tackle Wild West Britain' -  Daily Mail Australia - 6 Nov 2018

What life is REALLY like for the depraved inmates of Australia's harshest prison – Goulburn SUPERMAX - Daily Mail Candace Sutton - 5 August 2015

Majority of Canadians support return of death penalty, poll finds - Richard J. Brennan National Affairs Writer,  The Star - Wed., Feb. 8, 2012

"Mandatory Sentencing Legislation and the Symbolic Politics of Law and Order" - Hogg, Russell - [1999] UNSWLawJl 51; (1999) 22(1) UNSW Law Journal 262

It’s time to bring back the death penalty -   Spectator UK -  15 January 2019

Dylan Voller Is the Prison Reform Activist Australia Needs - 10 August 2017

The Formerly Incarcerated Reenter Society Transformed Safely Transitioning Every Person Act aka The First Step Act:  Rhetoric or Reality?  -  USA  -  | Nov 30, 2018

Has Britain weakened its opposition to the death penalty? -  SBS - 24 JULY 2018   BY EVAN YOUNG

The case for capital punishment   -  The Telegraph - Simon Heffer  -  23 Nov 2005

Why capital punishment can no longer be dismissed - The Telegraph - 23 July 2000

81 Pro Death Penalty Quotes by Journalists

Ihsas Khan jailed for 36 years over terror attack in Sydney driveway - ABCNews - 6 June 2019

Ask a policy expert: does Centrelink support single mothers exiting violent relationships? - The Guardian - 16 May 2019

Left behind: the Australians neither political party wants to discuss - The Guardian - 15 Apr 2019

Single parent families – not always who you think

2018 - The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey: Selected Findings from Waves 1 to 16 - HILDA Survey

Findings of the 2018 HILDA Statistical Report

Ask a policy expert: does Centrelink support single mothers exiting violent relationships? - The Guardian - 16 May 2019

How well does Australia’s social security system support victims of family and domestic violence? - Research findings

Convicted rapist admits sexually assaulting girl in Sydney dance studio - SMH  -  13 June 19

Which countries still have the death penalty? - SMH - 2 Aug 2019

The Death Penalty in Australian Law   -   Jo Lennan and George Williams

$1 million reward announced for beauty queen teen, Bronwynne Richardson, murdered in 1973 - SMH -

Arguments For The Death Penalty

Why does Singapore top so many tables?  BBC News  -  Oct 2013  BBC News  -  Oct 2013


Singapore: Judicial and prison caning

Into The Forest - Australian Story

Death penalty: is capital punishment morally justified? - The Conversation  -  1 Aug 2015

Kogarah dance studio rapist, Anthony Sampieri, deserves life of 'pain, darkness and misery', court told

News about 'We Keep Men’s Secrets': Sleazy Politicians And crude bosses still plague us

We throw children as young as 10 in jail - SMH - Nov 28, 2019

Does Imprisonment Deter?  A Review of the Evidence - Sentencing Advisory Council - April 2011

Death Penalty - Policy Agenda - The Law Council of Australia

Unseen footage of Ronald Ryan, Australia's last man hanged, reveals divided opinions on capital punishment  -  Kelsie Iorio for RetroFocus

Man accused of Darwin's worst mass shooting to stand trial in February - The Guardian - Wed, 29 Jan 2020

Paedophile jailed for 35 years over 'appalling abuse' in Asia, Australia - SMH - 29 Jan 2020

How do we break down a $3.4b prisons bill? What can it tell us? - The Conversation - Jane Andrew, Associate Professor, University of Sydney Business School - 19 June 2015

Jail up; crime down does not justify Australia becoming an incarceration nation Bagaric, Mirko and  Pathinayake, Athula, Deakin University 12 Aug 2015

The Reintegration Puzzle

Queensland Productivity Commission summary report into imprisonment and recidivism - August 2019

Barr directs federal government to reinstate death penalty, schedule the execution of 5 death row inmates - CNN - July 25, 2019

To murder victims' families, executing killers is justice  - Gregory Kane   Feb 05, 2003

Serial killer monster hunt: Some of Australia’s most notorious criminals targeted in state review of cold cases - MARK MORRI, The Daily Telegraph   -

Famous Serial Killers From The Land Down Under -

Australia should bring back the death penalty - Garry Linnell - NEWS  Jan 23, 2020

Teen killer dipped his finger in victim's blood to send a chilling message -  SMH  -  28 Feb '20

Should prisoners have assisted dying rights? Complex debate begins in Switzerland -  SBS -  7 Jan 2020

Switzerland approves assisted suicide for prisoners  February 7, 2020

Switzerland opens the way for Prisoner Assisted Suicide - Hope - 21 Feb 2020

Assisted dying for prison populations: Lessons from and for abroad  - Dalhousie University, Canada  -  August 20, 2019

Voluntary Assisted Dying:  'Mum was choosing the control'  -  SBS 'Insight'

Voluntary assisted dying - Victoria - Overview

Self-inflicted deaths in Australian prisons - Australian Institute of Criminology  -  11 Aug 2016

Self-harm and suicidal behaviour among incarcerated adults in the Australian Capital Territory

Death penalty upheld for two Burmese men convicted of killing British backpackers - 9News  - Aug 30, 2019

Japan hangs six more members of cult members behind deadly gas attack - 9News - Jul 26, 2018

Japan hangs three inmates in first use of capital punishment in two yearsABCNews  -  22 Dec 2021

As Indonesia conducts more executions, Australia’s anti-death-penalty advocacy is still lacking - The Conversation - July 29, 2016

Crime and Punishment - The Story of Corporal Punishment - BBC Four - Timeshift - 15 Mar '18

The Death Penalty - The issues surrounding Capital Punishment - BBC Four - Timeshift - 18 Feb '20

The Crucifixion Mystery  -  SBS OnDemand  -  Season 6 Episode 3

Bring back corporal punishment: One politician’s insane plot to fix Australia - The Big Smoke

Law and order legislation in Australian States and Territories, 1995-1998: a comparative survey - Briefing Paper No 7/99 - Rachel Simpson and Gareth Griffith - March ‘99

Briefing Paper No. 09/2000 -  Gareth Griffith

Reconsidering traditional custodial sentencing policies and practices - 2018 - John Nicholson SC

Moving beyond the bars [2018] - Kilroy, Debbe --- "Editorial:  PrecedentAULA 38; (2018) 147 Precedent

With rising rates of imprisonment, CEDA Chief Economist Jarrod Ball explores the cost of recidivism to the Australian economy - CEDA - Jarrod Ball |  2 July 2019

Recidivism in Australia: findings and future research - Jason Payne -  Research and Public Policy Series No. 80

Justice reinvestment: building communities not prisons - CEDA -

After prison network - CEDA Chief Economist Jarrod Ball explores the cost of recidivism to the Australian economy - CEDA -

Trends in violent crime - Australian Institute of Criminology - Samantha Bricknell -

International Statistics on Crime And Justice - European Institute For Crime Prevention And Control, Affiliated With The United Nations - 2010

Chronology - A History of Australian Prisons

Australia's overcrowded prisons could struggle to control coronavirus - The Guardian - 19 March 2020

Coronavirus is a ticking time bomb for the Australian prison system - The Guardian - 26 March 2020

CARES Act:  What Does the COVID-19 Relief Bill Do to Protect Incarcerated People?FAMM USA - April 2020

Bangladesh executes killer of country's independence leader - msn - 12-Apr-20

India hangs four men convicted for fatal Delhi gang rape - SMH -  20 Mar 20

Coronavirus must not enter prisons - NSW Health Media Release  - March 20, 2020

Prisons and mental illness - Justice Action

Former Brothers for Life gangsters Mumtaz, Farhad and Jamil Qaumi jailed for decades - SMH - June 2017

Deliberate act’: Car mows down pedestrians outside Melbourne’s Flinders St Station  SkyNews - 22 Dec 2017

Australia - Number of homicides annually since 1990

Australian Institute of Criminology National Homicide Monitoring Program

AIC reports Statistical Report 17 - Homicide in Australia 2015–16

Homicide in Australia 2017–18: National Homicide Monitoring Program report - Australian Institute of Criminology

Homicide in Australia 2016–17: National Homicide Monitoring Program report - Australian Institute of Criminology

Inside the minds of some of Australia's most notorious murderers -

Capital punishment still has majority support in Australia : Comments

Submission to the Sentencing Council – Department of Justice New South Wales

Dangerous to Know - An Australian Crime Compendium

Life imprisonment in Australia

Jailed Sydney businessman reveals what it was like to share a cell with notorious killer John Travers

Murder In Australia - Cases of murder in Australia where offenders have been convicted or pleaded guilty

Forget Captain Cook, murder victims need a monument - Sherele Moody - 1 May 2018

How a monster destroyed a family and town's innocence - The Western Star - 15th Aug 2015

Category:  Murdered Australian children

Which Zodiac Sign is the MOST EVIL?

Domestic violence deaths in Australia - The Canberra Times  - Feb 2020

Fighting to End the Other Death Sentence: Life Without Parole - by   Sept 16, 2018

Released to Kill Again: An Analysis of Paroled Murderers Who Murder Again While on Parole

Australian Human Rights CommissionPrisoners RightsThe right to be treated with humanity, dignity and respect while in detention"

Australian Human Rights Commission  -  Human rights and Prisoners

The Human Rights Law Centre - Explainer: Prisons and COVID-19

Failing Grades: USA’s responses to COVID-19 in Jails & Prisons Emily Widra and Dylan Hayre  -  June 25, 2020

Prisons and jails are coronavirus epicenters – they were once designed to prevent disease outbreaks -  April 2020 - Ashley Rubin  - Uni of Hawaii  COVID-19

'People are sick all around me': inside the coronavirus catastrophe in California prisons - The Guardian - Sam Levin in Los Angeles   @SamTLevin    Email   21 May 2020

70% of inmates test positive for coronavirus at Lompoc federal prison L A Times - RICHARD WINTON, STAFF WRITER   -  MAY 9, 2020

How U.S. Prisons Became Ground Zero for Covid-19 - JUSTICE REFORM  TAYLOR MILLER THOMAS  25-June-2020

As COVID-19 Ravaged the Prisons, Officials Failed to Take Sanctioned Actions - ACLU SoCal Communications & Media Advocacy

COVID-19: A catalyst for rethinking how we punish offenders? - Monash University - 05 May 2020

USA States Continue to Face Large Shortfalls Due to COVID-19 Effects - Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

If Canada is serious about confronting systemic racism, we must abolish prisons -  The Conversation - July 7, 2020

Prisons petri dishes for coronavirus - Revolving-door system of people on remand also poses risk to community at large - The Chronicle Herald, Canada - 4 March 2020

Prisons are not the answer to preventing crime in the U.S. - The Conversation - October 27, 2019

Criminal law  -  The Australian Law Reform Commission  - Last modified on 10 November, 2010

Criminal Code Act 1995

Australian States facing debt blowout due to COVID, Moody's warns - The Age - 22 July 20

Inaction and slow response contributed to the spread of Covid-19 in UK prisons - Loughborough University - 4 June 2020

Inside the New South Wales Covid-19 prison outbreak  - The Guardian  -  14 Sept 2021

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and prisons - England and Wales

   People (in the USA) keep voting in support of the death penalty  - Professor, Amherst College

‘We’re people and we need justice’:  Inside the vicious prison cycle  -  SMH  -  Ella Archibald-BingeNigel Gladstone and Rhett Wyman  Aug 24, 2020

Counting the Costs of Crime in Australia No 247 - Aust Institute of Criminology - Pat Mayhew - 2003Youth_Action\A_NSW_for_young_people.htm

A NSW for Young People: Beyond 2019  -  Youth Action NSW

Thoughts on the death penalty  - Richard Branson  -  10 Oct 2020

Criminal characters - Prisoners and Punishment

Criminal characters - Prisoners and Punishment - Survey

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Professor Mark Finnane, Griffith University  -  Research Paper

Corporal Punishment for Adult Offenders  -  idebate

In Defence of Flogging - The Chronicle Review  -  Peter Moskos  -  April 24, 2011

In Defense of Flogging:  Six Questions for Peter Moskos    - July 21, 2011

The hanging years - The Prosecution Project  -  Research Brief 30  -  Mark Finnane and Chris Leppard

Texas Schools Bring Back Corporal Punishment, Approves Paddling To Punish Students

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Youth sex offending, recidivism and restorative justice: Comparing court and conference cases  -  Kathleen Daly, Brigitte Bouhours, Roderic Broadhurst, Nini Loh -  2013

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Restorative justice: the real story  -  Kathleen Daly  - 2001

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Japan's 'Twitter killer' sentenced to death for serial murders  -  SMH  -  Mari Yamaguchi  - 15 Dec 2020

Youth detention population in Australia - 2019 - SummaryAIHW

BOCSAR crime stats boss Don Weatherburn calls for lighter prison sentences  -  SMH - By Rachel Olding 17 Feb 2016

Managing recidivism amongst high risk violent men - Michael Salter, Uni of Western Sydney  -  Jan 2012

Does the Threat of the Death Penalty Affect Plea Bargaining in Murder Cases? Evidence from New York’s 1995 Reinstatement of Capital Punishment - Ilyana Kuziemko - Harvard University - 2014

Alex Dion jailed for 25 years for ‘brutal, callous’ murder, dumping body - SMH - Georgina Mitchell - August 20, 2021

Experts say public housing the key element to stop ex-prisoners re-offending   Norman Hermant  -  ABCNews  -  23 Aug 2021


Why the guillotine  was the ultimate severance package

Australia’s Prison Dilemma - Research Paper - Productivity Commission - October 2021

Australia has fewer criminal offenders but more people in prisons - Productivity Commission - 18 October 2021

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Some of Australia’s worst child killers and their shocking crimes revealed - 30 Jan 22 -  Ryan Young

Repeal the Death Penalty Abolition Act -  17 March 2014  -  Michael Ginsburg  -

Bring Back Capital Punishment for Child Killers and Sex Offenders in Australia  -  -  24 Oct 2018

Australia has a 'particular problem' with filicide but experts say we're failing to find solutions  - ABCNews - Hayley Gleeson -

‘Tears still warm’ one year on from Tullamarine suspected murder-suicide - The Australian - ANGELICA SNOWDEN  @ang3snowden  JAN 14, 2022

Happiness to horror: Melbourne mum Katie Perinovic’s fatal act - The Australian    ANGELICA SNOWDEN  @ang3snowden  REMY VARGA  @RemyVarga   REBECCA URBAN  JAN 16, 2021

Tullamarine homicide investigation continues after Katie Perinovic and three children found dead in Melbourne home - ABC News  Friday 15 Jan 2021

When parents kill - ABC News - Hayley Gleeson - 22 March 2021

Luke Batty inquest: Father, Greg Anderson, previously threatened 11yo son with knife - ABC News  Peta Carlyon  -

Filicide Offenders - Australian Institute of Criminology - Trends & issues in crime and criminal justice ISSN 0817-8542    No. 568  - Feb 2019

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Understanding the triggers for filicide will help prevent it The Conversation - Nov 2, 2017

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'The worst year': domestic violence soars in Australia during Covid-19  -  The Guardian -   - 

An Overview of Filicide   Sara G. West, MD  2007

Making sense of spousal revenge filicide  -  Glenn Carruthers -  1 June 2016  Macquarie University & University of Berlin

Filicide: the Australian story - Published by Cambridge University Press:  18 December 2020


Toward a More Holistic Understanding of Filicide: A Multidisciplinary Analysis of 32 Years of U.S. Arrest Data

What makes mothers kill their own children?  The Washington Post   -  Fredrick Kunkle - Sept 2014

Revenge filicide:  An international perspective through 62 cases

This is Why I Killed Your Kids - Mothers who murder for revenge - 13 Sept 2012 - Joni E Johnston Psy.D.  The Human Equation

  Men and women kill their children in roughly equal numbers, and we need to understand why - The Conversation - January 20, 2021 

Child killer laws 'must target inaction' - SMH  - 17 Aug 2007

Public opinion on sentencing: recent research in Australia  - Lenny Roth  -  NSW Parliamentary Research Service June 2014  -  e-brief 08/2014

Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council - Inform, Engage, Advise - Sentencing Myths

Child safety body’s first scathing report on dozens of deaths -  Brisbane Times - Matt Dennien   17 Feb 2022

Filicide in Australia: Comparing perpetrator mental Illness, substance misuse and suicide for male and female offenders - Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health - Jessica Bowring

Two new reports contribute invaluable data to what we know about intimate partner homicide in Australia  -  ANROWS  -  22 Feb 2022

Pathways to intimate partner homicide   ANROWS  February 2022

Female perpetrated intimate partner homicide: Indigenous and non-Indigenous offenders - Australian Institute of Criminology -  30 Jan 2020

Femicide: an intractable history  - Australian Women’s History Network - 27 Feb 2020

The National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2021-2031 - Dept of Social Services - 8 Dec 2021

Protecting Children is Everyone’s Business - National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2009–2020

How many children die from family violence in Australia?  Natasha Mitchell actuarialeye    

Family Violence Death Review Network Data Report: Intimate partner violence homicides 2010–2018 - ANROWS


Legal cuts: poverty of provision equals poverty full-stop -  Lexis Nexus U.K. - Catherine Gleave  4 May 2019

The justice system and the U.K. constitution - Courts and Tribunals Judiciary

Chapter 1 - The courts and Parliament - Constitutional provisions

Kenneth Grant jailed for fatal hit-and-run while ‘significantly’ intoxicated  - SMH -  4 March 2022

Why some Republicans are turning against the death penalty  -  VOX  By Marin Cogan@marincogan  Mar 8, 2022

The United States should have a death penalty

Locking up kids has serious mental health impacts and contributes to further reoffending - The Guardian  -  Nov 18, 2022 Pat Dudgeon, Professor, University of Western Australia

Serial rapist Joel Russo jailed for 'horrendous' attack on female jogger along Melbourne's Merri CreekABC News - 6 Jun 2023

Australia has more people in prison, while crime is falling- SMH - Caitlin Fitzsimmons  - October 29, 2021

Tracking men likely to kill: The radical proposal after five women dead in nine days -  Wendy Tuohy  -  Nov 3, 2023

First Things First  - The Mindset

Criminal Offences Relating to Filicide in New South Wales -  Sydney Criminal Lawyers  -  30/03/2022    UGUR NEDIM & SONIA HICKEY

Talking isn’t working: Push for PM to tackle porn, gambling, booze to stop violent men  - SMH  -  Natassia Chrysanthos  -  April 30, 2024

Men who kill their partners were little boys once. What went wrong?  SMH   David Leser  Senior freelance writer   April 29, 2024

Where is the urgency? Action to protect women is too slow  -   David Crowe  -  SMH  -  May 1, 2024

Holding all men responsible for a violent minority has failed to keep women safe Waleed Aly  - 3 May 2024

Rethinking Primary Prevention  -  Hill & Salter  -  17 April 2024

Coercive control becomes criminal in Qld as parliament passes historic ‘Hannah’s Law’  -   -  March 6, 2024

Understanding coercive control - Fact sheets  -  Attorney-General's Department

It was a murder waiting to happen’: Dannielle never knew the truth about her monster boyfriend  -  SMH  -  Amelia Adams and Laura Sparkes   - 5 May 2024

Charlise Mutten, 9, allegedly shot twice before body dumped in barrel  -  SMH  -  Sarah McPhee  -  13 May 2024

Australian Crime Prevention Council

The Prime Minister says the government will "look at every measure" to stop violence against women  -  ABC News  -  23 April 2024

Minns to announce tough new bail laws after Molly Ticehurst death - SMH 14 May 2024

Why Japan retains the death penalty - The Economist

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3.     Newspaper Articles that identify materially cheaper and more cost-effective deterrents and rehabilitation approaches

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6(b).  ABC News articles on the Illicit Drug Trade

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8.     Corporal punishment in practice

9.     Newspaper articles on the failings of our prison system

"The need for recalibrating the criminal justice system has never been greater.  By almost every measure, Australia’s corrections systems are failing to serve the purpose they were designed for: to correct, rehabilitate and deter others.Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that by March, the population in Australian prisons had reached 40,577, up 10 per cent on the year before.

10.   The Australian Guardian webpage lists articles on 'Prisons' and on 'Crime

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15.   Teenage Crime

·         Teenagers are Australia’s most arrested people - ANDREW KOUBARIDIS   April 20, 2015

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17.   Other information of Domestic Violence

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