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Dual Punishment to be Sentenced to each male (over 18 years of age) that has been found guilty Beyond any doubt of having committed Spouse Revenge Filicide

Below is the Sentence of Punishment for each father or step-father (over 18 years of age) found guilty Beyond any doubt of executing their child or step-child or children (classified as a Level 1 'criminal offence') that falls within the category of Spouse Revenge Filicide:

(a)      3 lashes of the Cat 'O Nine Tails liberally struck upon the bare back above the kidneys; and

(b)      3 canings of an Australian Rattan liberally struck upon the bare buttocks below the kidneys.

Seven days after such Corporal Punishment is inflicted, the male is hung by the neck until dead.


Approx. 20 selected witnesses drawn from the community would be allowed to comment to the media regarding the impact upon them of viewing the 6 lashes/canings inflicted and the subsequent execution by hanging.


Judicial Corporal Punishment was frequently sentenced in the early history of white settlement in Australia occasionally prior to execution.

Sentences imposed by predecessor Australian governments, our 'Forefather Governors'