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12.   This Petitioner disfavours Federal and State Govt. referendums that thus far have been compulsory to vote.  Those referendums failed to provide Australians with all relevant information in order to make an informed decision, thus contributing to so few of the 44 prior referendums having been approved. 
Only the votes of people who are informed about a particular issue and want to cast a vote should be measured in future referendums

Below are extracts from "Referendums in Australia":

"Referendums have been held in Australia to approve parliament proposed changes to the Constitution of Australia or to the constitutions of states and territories.

Polls conducted on non-constitutional issues are sometimes but not always referred to as plebiscites.  Not all federal referendums have been on constitutional matters (such as the 1916 Australian conscription referendum), and state votes that likewise do not affect the constitution are frequently said to be referendums (such as the 2009 Western Australian daylight saving referendum). Historically, they are used by Australians interchangeably and a plebiscite was considered another name for a referendum.

Voting in a referendum is compulsory for those on the electoral rollAs of 2020, 44 nationwide referendums have been held, only eight of which have been carried. However, there have only been 19 times the Australian people have gone to the polls to vote on constitutional amendments, as it is common to have multiple questions on the ballot. There have also been three nationwide plebiscites (two on conscription and one on the national song), and one postal survey (on same-sex marriage).

Australians have rejected most proposals for constitutional amendments, approving only 8 out of 44 referendums submitted to them since federation. Noting the difficulty of the referendum process, then Prime Minister Robert Menzies said in 1951, "The truth of the matter is that to get an affirmative vote from the Australian people on a referendum proposal is one of the labours of Hercules."