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Self-harm  -  Prisoner suicides

Below are extracts from Self-inflicted deaths in Australian prisons - Australian Institute of Criminology - No. 513 August 2016:

"A study of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts in a NSW prison found 34 percent of inmates reported lifetime suicidal ideation and 21 percent had attempted suicide (Larney et al. 2012). Among prisoners in this NSW study who attempted suicide, 58 percent reported a lifetime history of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts. Another NSW study found 68 percent of subjects had a documented history of intentional self-harm (O’Driscoll, Samuels & Zacka 2007),....

"From the period 1 January 1999 through 31 December 2013, 693 deaths occurred in Australian prisons (Figure 1). Of these, 240 deaths were self-inflicted (34.6%),...."

Below is an extract from Correctional Suicide Prevention Framework - Department of Justice and Regulation, Victoria

"Over the 30 year period from 1983–2013, 76 prisoners have died by apparent or actual suicide in Victorian private and public prisons."

Below is an extract from ‘We’re people and we need justice’:  Inside the vicious prison cycle  - SMH  - Ella Archibald-BingeNigel Gladstone and Rhett Wyman  Aug 24, 2020:          

"Karen Roberts says her younger brother's death in custody in 2001 broke her family.

Karen Roberts was making plans for her brother's 21st birthday, to coincide with his imminent release from prison, when she received the news that would turn her family's life upside down.

Her youngest brother, David, had tried to hang himself in Grafton prison. He died two days later at the Lismore Base Hospital in November 2001."

Two prisoners found dead within 12 hours at Woodford jail, north of Brisbane  -  9News - Rebeka Powell -